Sunday, January 27, 2008

Plainsong, A Colorado Setting

Last night Mark and I joined my uncle Gil and Helen Murphy at the Denver Center for the Performing Art to view Plainsong. The play is a fresh adaptation of the 1999 novel by Kent Haruf. It's set in Holt, a fictional small town in eastern Colorado that's based on Yuma, a ranching community 140 miles west of Denver. The book was written by Kent Haruf, who happened to work as a shelver at the Denver Public Library before he was published. My aunt Jean was the head librarian and she kept watch on the development of his career. So we readers went out to view the stage adaptation version.

Following the play we dined at the Crue, a Larimer Street wine bar. The wines were great, the food average. The atomsphere was pleasant and the company was terrific. We discussed the play, our future travel plans and politics while we dined on ciopinno, ahi tuna, pork chop, and venison. The cheese plate was below average but the cheese fondue was delicious. Weather was in the 40s so walking around the city was a delight.

Well here is the long await unveiling of the 2008 Jamboree jammies.
The boys will be so cute! Almost can't wait.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Still Alive and Kickin'

Well, I'm back from my visit to Chicago. Who goes to Chicago in the winter -- grandmas! I had a lot of fun with Noah (Leah, too). Then the next week Cody and I hung out while his mom got her eyes checked. He likes how I dance.

Not much in store this week, just work. Saturday brings "Plainsong" with Gil and Helen Murphy. We'll dine in Denver, too. Watch for that post.

Peace out.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year 2008

Lots of fun to start the year off right. Last night after work, a drink and a tasty treat with Kim and Kristen. Mark joined us after deliveries and then shared too much of the stories of our married life -- I do have to work with Kim!

Very cold night so we did the middle-aged thing -- went home and went to bed early -- the new year is there in the morning without the personal ushering in.

The annual tradition is brunch at the Yegge's. Some yummy to the tummy tastes, including coffee and a blueberry bread pudding (with lemon sauce). It was REALLY worth it. Good conversation with VERY good friends. Dan shared his initial thoughts on the basement project. Lots of good options for a lovely home improvement.

Cheri and I made plans for a movie date, Enchantment. Not my first choice in movies, but first choice in friends!

Lily was lovely, too. She has a pink tooth! Ah, first grade those were the days, my friend. The going rate of a tooth -- $1. Whew!

The rennovation on the bathroom has begun. Hmmm. The last time we began a rennovation somebody announced their engagement. Keeping any secrets Andrew?

We tried out the webcam with the Young family. It was fun to talk with Noah and see him. I love technology. Ipod is next.