Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jamboree 2008 Preview

This afternoon Mark and I enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch at YKK Ranch the mountain home of two of our dear Colorado friends, Dan and Janet.

A thirty mile drive from our home in Niwot, about 40 minutes taking Left Hand Canyon up the Rocky Mountains. Just outside Roosevelt National Park nestled in the mountains West of Jamestown, CO this “cabin” will be the site for the 2008 Jamboree.

There is a lovely great room with sitting area, fireplace included (dog excluded), dining area and kitchen.

This main floor includes an office (with a secret door opening), bathroom, and laundry room. A wrap around deck provides fabulous view of the Rockies. There are sitting areas, dining areas and a hot tub.

Upstairs is the master bed and bath,

a Jack and Jill bedroom, bath and a delightful “reading” nook for quiet reflection – at least that’s how I plan on spending my time there!

Downstairs is the Cowboy room and bath, family room with wet bar and big screen TV. For those who snore there is a secluded room with bunks bed (who votes Dad and Andrew get this location?)

Now it’s time for the schedule of events and we are on our way.

Dan and Janet welcome you to Colorado and the Hauser Chateau!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Resurrection Day 2008

Mark and I began our Easter celebration on Holy Saturday, participating in leadership in the Children’s Ministry at Flatirons Community Church, Lafayette, CO. We arrived at 2:45p (yes, 2:45p, apparently lots of people go to church on Saturday at 3p). I worked the K-1st room for 2 sessions, Mark for 3. Lots of kiddos. I think the smallest session was at 39 children. Plenty of workers, though. This was the BEST holiday I’ve worked in the children’s program. Good singing, GREAT Bible teaching, fun craft, darling children.

We attended the 4th service of the day at 7:30p that night. Glad I’m not on the Service production team—whew! Four services on Saturday and Sunday yet to come!!!!! There was communion, a FABULOUS light show, worship music extraordinaire and as always Jim teaching from the Word the story of redemption, completion, hope, and joy.

And that was just Saturday.

Sunday, I joined my co-workers at Calvary Bible Church in Boulder CO.

Pat and Michelle with the girls all decked out in their Easter-outfits.

John (with Lindsay and Baby Girl Boyle pictured above) and others prepared the F-Hall (we are not allowed to put fellowship in print—too churchy) for the Gathering. It was classy and casual. More relaxed than the “Sanctuary” (I wonder why we can put THAT in print?).

Kristin, Kim and I sat together.
Kim’s sister Liz and family (Stephen and Kayla—she’s so darling!!!!) joined her, up from Colorado Springs.

They like David, too.

Then I prepared some side dishes for dinner at the Swanson’s. It’s always fun at their house. The food’s great. Eric, being a carnivore had 3 kinds of meat (ham, turkey and beef) all cooked to perfection. He MAKES you taste it all.

We sat with Kacey and Erik. They are so fun, so cute and they are willing to listen to Monique stories. (More on this story to come).

The people were great. Lots of relationships over the years have yielded Liz and Eric a tapestry of love (kind of syrup-y but true).

One thing I know to be true is that Swanson’s never miss a time to share of the redemption we have in Jesus. Eric stopped the festivities to let his friend tell us of his journey—years of rebuilding a life that once was, restoring his soul while safe in the Swanson home to now ministering to thieves and murderers (literally, he is a prison chaplain). God is in the redemption business. Thank God, I have Savior. He is risen!

Arriving later, Brenda and Rich sat with us along with their son, Philip. He’s darling. Articulate, interesting, handsome. I wish I had one more daughter to marry off.

Then being the party animal I am off to the Yegge household for dessert. Mark made his award-winning cheesecake to share with the Yeg-meister’s and Cheri’s sister’s family. It was the first time for us to face-to-face meet Libby and Rick (and girls), but I feel like I know them. TR cds, photos and stories all make you feel like you know someone. What a lovely family.

Alyssa perked up when Patrick stopped by after work. While he had eaten dinner earlier, dessert and seconds were rigueur de jour. No pictures of this event – I was pooped. But, just for the record, Cheri was dressed darling in a CAbi fun-print cardigan. Matt was out-of-town but we spoke of him often as Godiva was left behind for safe-keeping. Brett remained cool (not hot and sweaty) before he departed to join Nikki and her family – the boy goes to girl house.

Resurrection Day 2008 – He is Risen!

Southern Reflections

I’ve been too tired to post lately. Working, going to bed, just a little shopping (well some things are essential).

Beginning of March I was in Charlotte, NC to be nanny/Mimi. I love Noah. He is curious (like George), fun (like Mimi), kind (like Coco) and totally himself.

He reads the Bible (perfect emphasis in all the right places, THIS …).

Plays in the water. Romps in the park (even falling off the ladder of the big slide was not a deterrent to FUN).

Church was fun, too. One hour and 45 minutes for service. Whew! That’s a commitment. Noah enjoyed Sunday School and brought home a cute project—whatever it was.

Then Aunt Patricia and Cousin Cody joined us in Atlanta, GA. The weather was mixed. Sunny and nice one day and then rainy and windy the next. We swam in the warm pool, watched the results of the Obama/Clinton contest (wrong winner) and then drove back to Charlotte together. The boys got some needed rest. Patricia got a crick in her body (she shared the back seat with 2 car seats).

The boys played well together. Morning coffee is almost to tradition status. As we are product-loyal off to Babucks it is. Note the product placement.

Rainy day tent making was a success.

Meal time was not without effort but almost always a success. Because Cody sees me more often he doesn’t need warm up to Mimi time. I love him—he looks so much like his mommy did at this age.

There was the library – a great one.

And then after Uncle Andrew arrived we ventured in to the Discovery Place. This is also a terrific place for children. Apparently all the children of Charlotte come on Saturday morning. Andrew and I were a little overwhelmed but the mommies and the kiddies had full emotional tanks.

All in all a good time. New memories, new information (one does not need a photo ID to fly domestically—more to that story, but I prefer not to put it in print), new plans (the Jamboree is less than a month away).

My children are my greatest joy. They have grown to adulthood in a manner that is pleasing. Each one retains the characteristics of his or her individual personality, but there is a depth of life to them. They have all made no-so-good decisions (tattoos come to mind), but they have grown to be people of God, kind daughters, a strong son and children that are an honor to their mother. Plus I have grandchildren.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Charlotte North Carolina 2008

Okay. I'm in Charlotte. I arrived Friday evening. Un eventful flight, thank goodness. The very first flight change went smoothly. When I arrived Noah helped me unpack my bag and he found this drum in my suitcase. It had a bunch of musical instruments including drum sticks. I wonder how that got in my suitcase?
Charlotte is very pretty city. Small. Mostly clean but this CIAA event is happening so there's lots of tourist trash about. We began Saturday with Starbucks (surprise). The walk is just perfect about 15-20 minutes. Noah enjoys his steamer and then helps put all the trash in it's appropriate container.

Then we walked to the Discovery Museum. Lots of sights to see on the way--lions for instance. Curbs around the flower beds (yes, flowers are in bloom--mostly violets) make a perfect jumping off point.

Noah posed as a NASA astronaut. He would make a very strong, handsome commander.

There is a small children's section which we will visit again with cousin Cody that has 'slides, a water feature and lots of children, parents and grand-parents. We spent an hour busily playing.

When we went shopping (surprise) there was the ride in the car. The sun is bright here, too so sun glasses are the option of the day.

Sunday we attended church at Steele Creek Church. A lot hallelujah but it was a good morning of worship.
Noah attended Sunday School for the 1 hour and 50 minute service (I think this counts as 2 Sunday attendances).

It's a good start to a GREAT week.