Sunday, March 21, 2010


In 2 1/2 hours we depart the homestead for paradise. Korea has been a mixed blessing. I am not yet able to write a post that accurately describes my feelings, impressions and beliefs about this 2 month sojourn. I do not have words to express the deep emotions -- emotions of love, isolation, faith, service, hardship, and joy. But they will come.

On to the North Shore. Aloha.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I STILL Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

"I hungered for a spectacular life of extraordinary triumphs, and I don't think I understood anything really about obedience or humility in terms of this sort of life. The idea for me was to be exceptional, to be great."

"Generally when people spoke to me they had something to say to me and it was about my work. And that meant it was about my mind--this genderless and oversensuous mind. I didn't realize this immediately. I've never realized anything immediately in my life. But in truth, my life had changed. Personhood had come at last. The goal of my life had been obtained."

"I don't belong anywhere. I don't come from any particular milieu. No group embraced my family."

Quotes from the Anne Rice memoir, Called Out of Darkness, A Spiritual Confession.

It is worthy to note that oversensuous AND personhood are words not recognized by spell check.

I REALLY don't belong.