Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Busy week. I worked on Monday, ten joined friends for SATC at the after 8 pm. showing. Pretty impressive in my opinion since that means I was not home until after 11; stayed awake for the whole movie, too.

Tuesday I was the delivery person for GAW. Now delivery as a job is not what I would call hard; not intellectually taxing nor physically taxing since I was delivering micro greens not pianos. But stressful it is. There are a LOT of people out there delivering product so we can consume them and there are “rules of the road.” Rules I did not always know (flip flops do not meet safety standards at Shamrock Foods) or follow (oops, forgot to put the money IN the meter—no ticket however).

Wednesday I took the day off and don’t really remember what I did, but I did have sushi for dinner. Did I mention Mark was in Grayslake for the week?

Thursday I took an Excel class. Very good instructor; he was funny, he taught off the book and he answered questions directly. I learned that I’m a beginning intermediate and I will be hoping to achieve intermediate status before the end of the year. It’s hard to know if this is achievable since I really don’t use Excel on a daily basis, but it’s worth a try.

Friday Mark came home and Patricia had a doctor’s appointment. I went with her since Cody had one too.

Before I hooked up with them I had a hair appointment with Mary who was leaving for San Diego as soon I was finished. Even though I’m sure she was anxious to get going she did a great job on my hair.

Well Patricia’s appointment went well. Dr. LaVigne is the perfect doctor for PJ.

She is not drama driven, but wisely cautious and as such she wanted another ultrasound of baby Craig. We went to lunch at Panera (yes, again their salads are GOOD). We arrived promptly for the 1:30 pm. ultrasound appointment and still had not been seen by 2:30 pm. So I said maybe she should re-schedule as I was going to the opera that evening.

Well they got her in in less than 10 minutes so I got to see baby in utero. Amazing.

The opera, Nixon in China, was terrible. We had a light dinner before at Tamayo a new Mexican cuisine restaurant on Larimer with a balcony setting – lovely. Since my companions Gil, Helen and Helen’s neighbor Carolyn thought 10:15 pm. was too late for dessert we did not stick around to discuss the pluses (few) and minuses (numerous) of the opera.

Saturday was hot so I joined Liz for lunch at Jill’s (St. Julien’s restaurant).

With the floor to ceiling windows open we looked out onto Pearl St. and we could have been thousands of miles away. The food was good, inexpensive and the afternoon was delightful.

Sunday was a baby shower at the Craig residence, small but very fun. Guests were from Jason’s work

and they are a hoot. We played the obligatory games, ate good food and watched Cody play.

After the guests left PJ and I took Cody for a haircut.

He is one doll baby. And he kisses me, too. One cool dude.

All in all a good week off of work – it seems like forever since I sat at my desk.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Camera

Well, my camera isn't working. I think my posts are more interesting if there are photos, too. But here goes another musing without the photographic proof.

Last week I looked after Cody while his mom had a doctor's appointment. We walked over to a school playground where he had a great time. He slid down the slide -- holding a basketball! -- it was fun to watch, that first expression of confidence and then a moment of terror and finally a successful finish.

He sat on my lap at lunch and nuzzled in. I love him.

Gil came over for dinner to practice his Piaget presentation. It was interesting, emotions and the developing pattern for children. He has a much better title, but I did learn something and I hope he has a great time in Quebec.

The bathroom remodel progresses. The sink is out (I hope the marriage can survive sharing a sink--it's been several years). The serious plumbing re-configuring happens in a couple of weeks and it is a huge improvement over the 80's footprint. Larger, more open, private, and it will be beautiful. Lots of fun surprises in store. You will have to come over to go potty in a couple of months!

My bedroom closet is updated, too. There is so much more room. I have more room for clothes and shoes. So pay day is next week and I will do my part to fill it up.

Saturday is anniversary day. I found an old card/book from my children celebrating 25 years. It's hard to believe it's 33. Whew! This might work out after all.