Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Camera

Well, my camera isn't working. I think my posts are more interesting if there are photos, too. But here goes another musing without the photographic proof.

Last week I looked after Cody while his mom had a doctor's appointment. We walked over to a school playground where he had a great time. He slid down the slide -- holding a basketball! -- it was fun to watch, that first expression of confidence and then a moment of terror and finally a successful finish.

He sat on my lap at lunch and nuzzled in. I love him.

Gil came over for dinner to practice his Piaget presentation. It was interesting, emotions and the developing pattern for children. He has a much better title, but I did learn something and I hope he has a great time in Quebec.

The bathroom remodel progresses. The sink is out (I hope the marriage can survive sharing a sink--it's been several years). The serious plumbing re-configuring happens in a couple of weeks and it is a huge improvement over the 80's footprint. Larger, more open, private, and it will be beautiful. Lots of fun surprises in store. You will have to come over to go potty in a couple of months!

My bedroom closet is updated, too. There is so much more room. I have more room for clothes and shoes. So pay day is next week and I will do my part to fill it up.

Saturday is anniversary day. I found an old card/book from my children celebrating 25 years. It's hard to believe it's 33. Whew! This might work out after all.


Pete said...

Congrats on 33!!! I tried to give you my old camera, but you forgot it in all the excitement. I will hold it until our next visit. I am glad that Cody was so cudly, I can tell that he really likes you. Can't wait to see your new potty! Pete

Andy said...

i cant wait to go potty too...maybe leah can help you plan a potty party...just thinking.

Leah said...

So 33 is when you get to announce success? I think I can make it to 33 ... maybe if I don't die first. I am really, really good at planning potty parties if you need a launch for the new room. Let me know b/c it take about 2 weeks to plan.