Monday, May 19, 2008


This was a weekend to shop for and celebrate some of the graduations of friends of mine. I like to give jewelry. There’s always the possibility I can borrow it at some time.

Kristin completed her Masters Degree. She is a therapist now – officially. There are few occupations that you want your friends to have, car mechanic, massage therapist, hair dresser and I would add to the list therapist. Think of the money I will save.

Anyway, Kristin celebrated with a party on Saturday. Her mother made fajitas that were delicious. I’m so glad I’m on a new diet plan – see how much one person can eat before they explode. So far I have come close, but there’s still room for more. Her parents, David and Ginger are DELIGHTFUL. No wonder Kristin is great – she comes from a good family.

Kacey graduated from UNC on Saturday the 9th. So exciting to finish the work and move on. Although the ensuing week was a little rough for her – a possible bunion in her future – she (and I) are ready to work out as soon as we get medical permission.

One more HS graduation to go. Maybe I’ll have pictures of that.


Leah said...

Nice - I can't wait to see the pictures. I have not graduated from anything in awhile. You have inspired me to do something that results in graduation in the near future.

Pete said...

I am not looking to graduate from anything, but look forward to celebrating Cody's many graduations to come!!! My favorite was my Kindergarten graduation!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to have made the list of "occupations you want your friends to have." Actually, I think most people get a little freaked out when I tell them I'm a counselor. They immediately decide that they've already revealed too much information about themselves and stop talking to me... ;-)