Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grayslake is NOT Chicago

I went for a visit to see Noah last weekend. When I tell people I’m going out of town I usually say “Chicago.” Interestingly those from Chicago do NOT consider Grayslake, Chicago. When I asked a news seller at the airport if he was voting for Obama and he did not commit I said, “But he’s from Chicago!” I was firmly told he was NOT from Chicago, maybe Springfield, but not Chicago. It’s funny to me but then I’m not from Chicago.

Noah was a blast. There’s the spontaneous break out into Tomorrow in a Broadway-style performance, the horsey-man you tube requests and Curious George IN the toilet that surprise and delight. He really is growing up – potty training, definitive tastes (vinegar water is not in the top ten) and activities like the riber (the lake outlet) where we throw rocks and sticks.

Mimi went to Boogie Baby Dance Class at the Community Center. I’m still pretty good, but Noah is really doing it. Jeenie combed his hair – the faux hawk is totally stylin’.

Dancing with the worm (ribbon) was a highlight of the class.
The worm travels your body, sails through the sky and even hides behind your back. Miss Judy is VERY patient.
We made the mandatory stop at Starbucks (note product placement). Noah however was tired, unusually tired. But when he woke up we finished our snack and then headed over to the nursery where we came in contact with the gray cat. Apparently Noah is scared of cats -- he wanted to be held. My back is still recovering.

Sunday was Mother’s day so Noah had some great presents for his mom. Jennie helped him get some tulips. Mimi helped Noah serve his mommy coffee in bed, along with a very pretty card.

The train ride to Golf Road had its own issues. I probably will NOT be traveling to Europe alone, but just remember I did what was necessary to get the job done.

All in all worth the $138 round trip air fare.


Leah said...

Computer guy is pretty cute. Thanks for a really, really great mother's day. Everyone thinks my house looks great but I give you credit everytime...well almost everytime ;)


Pete said...

sounds like you had a really good time in GRAYSLAKE...not Chicago!

Andy said...

i think that you could do europe alone...sorry about the busy week. ilyimyidnry