Monday, March 24, 2008

Southern Reflections

I’ve been too tired to post lately. Working, going to bed, just a little shopping (well some things are essential).

Beginning of March I was in Charlotte, NC to be nanny/Mimi. I love Noah. He is curious (like George), fun (like Mimi), kind (like Coco) and totally himself.

He reads the Bible (perfect emphasis in all the right places, THIS …).

Plays in the water. Romps in the park (even falling off the ladder of the big slide was not a deterrent to FUN).

Church was fun, too. One hour and 45 minutes for service. Whew! That’s a commitment. Noah enjoyed Sunday School and brought home a cute project—whatever it was.

Then Aunt Patricia and Cousin Cody joined us in Atlanta, GA. The weather was mixed. Sunny and nice one day and then rainy and windy the next. We swam in the warm pool, watched the results of the Obama/Clinton contest (wrong winner) and then drove back to Charlotte together. The boys got some needed rest. Patricia got a crick in her body (she shared the back seat with 2 car seats).

The boys played well together. Morning coffee is almost to tradition status. As we are product-loyal off to Babucks it is. Note the product placement.

Rainy day tent making was a success.

Meal time was not without effort but almost always a success. Because Cody sees me more often he doesn’t need warm up to Mimi time. I love him—he looks so much like his mommy did at this age.

There was the library – a great one.

And then after Uncle Andrew arrived we ventured in to the Discovery Place. This is also a terrific place for children. Apparently all the children of Charlotte come on Saturday morning. Andrew and I were a little overwhelmed but the mommies and the kiddies had full emotional tanks.

All in all a good time. New memories, new information (one does not need a photo ID to fly domestically—more to that story, but I prefer not to put it in print), new plans (the Jamboree is less than a month away).

My children are my greatest joy. They have grown to adulthood in a manner that is pleasing. Each one retains the characteristics of his or her individual personality, but there is a depth of life to them. They have all made no-so-good decisions (tattoos come to mind), but they have grown to be people of God, kind daughters, a strong son and children that are an honor to their mother. Plus I have grandchildren.


Pete said...

You are such an eloquent writer, and it is apparent that you love your grandchildren! It was fun to visit in a random city, but so hard to travel with young children...looking forward to the Jamboree. Those boys will have so much fun in the mountains. Pete

Leah said...

The sleeping boys make me smile everytime. I check your blog three or four times a day just to see that picture :)

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog while reading Leah's. What a fun entry to see- those boys are darling and their Mimi is HOT! Hope you are well. - Gabriella