Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some things you never learn ...

Well, today I went skate skiing. After running into friends, Libby and Falk, yesterday I was prepared. I had information about the terrain, after the first hill it was "easy." I had ski pants (thanks Mary--I was dry the entire time!)

And I was with 2 GREAT friends on a most beautiful, Colorado day. Kacey invited Liz and I to join her at Eldora ski area, just above Nederland.

None of us were sure what skate skiing was but we were willing to enjoy an hour lesson and find out. Boots on, we were ready.

While I never really did it, being in the mountains trying was very fun. I fell a few times, no pain, good information to know you can fall and get back up. Kacey did GREAT or maybe Peter the instructor just like talking with her :-)

This fall happened just after a great run that I got on film, but for some reason I am unable to upload. Really.

Liz is strong. She just took to the skating technique right away--maybe she really already knew what she was doing.

Did I mention it was a gorgeous day? It was too warm for hats and when you were moving the jackets came off, too.

Then we returned to the "lodge", turned in our skiis, took a couple of pictures

and then headed out for lunch. The Nederland Cafe was our second choice (the pizza place was stinky). We had fun "de-briefing." Good times.


Pete said...

Glad you had a good time. We will have to try snow shoes some time. Pete