Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It’s funny how we stay connected. Sometimes in person – I like this best with really good friends – that’s when you see, hear nuances that can be missed when there is no visual contact. Other times it is electronically. Now this is truly modern. I think of my grandparents who communicated only by letter writing when they returned to their respective homes during their summer break from Berkley. Long times between words, but you could re-read those words over and over again.

I like email. I like blogs. It’s fun to read about details of others life, to see the images of my loved ones as they eagerly live out their days.

Sometimes connecting is doing something. I do that with Cody on my weekly visits to his house. My Mamaw came to visit once a week and she helped my mom get caught up on household chores and they would go shopping and have lunch out (during the school year I tried to be “sick” on that day so I could stay home and somehow when it was time to shop/eat I was feeling a whole lot better). She also brought chocolate donuts.

Cody likes chocolate donuts.

He’s coming to my house this Friday.


Leah said...

That boy is so cute. I am really happy to know that you get to bring chocolate dounuts to him once a week!

Pete said...

Those are cute pics of my boy...looks like he enjoys Mimi time, not quite the same as Mommy time!! You get to be so much more fun as a grandparent, I am jealous!