Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The first full day in Addis was interesting. Noah was eager to begin the day—I think that was 1 a.m. When you’re three years old jet lag functions the same way as for other age groups, it’s just cuter. Who doesn’t want something to eat, chocolate milk to drink and fun pirate video to watch first thing even if it is the middle of the night?

Our accommodations were provided by the Ethiopian Guest House It is a lovely place located somewhere in Addis. The only way I would be able to find it would be to walk up and down the streets (more like alleys) and look for the tribute picture of Mother Teresa painted on the wall. I’m sure that could take days (maybe weeks). Coffee (the best) and breakfast were served starting at 7 am and since I decided to sleep when I got home that worked out great for me.

I took our trip leaders request to de-bling seriously but I think I was the only one. I was clean, but dressed for a camping trip, minimal make-up, t-shirt and jeans, only one ring, sans gem stones and a modest pair of earrings. Not my best look but then I didn’t feel so good either – jet lag.

After pulling the group together—no easy task—we departed for Win Souls for God office compound. We were escorted into a meeting room on the compound where our interpreter Yohannes introduced Tariku Wondimu who gave us a general over-view of the work of Win Souls for God.

One of their areas of concentration is a home for former commercial sex workers and since some members in our group had met some prostitutes the night before they were committed to finding a safe place for them. Well, we were invited to return the next day and no answer was given that day for the needy women.

So all 24 of us piled in the two vans and we were on the road again. My observation from the back window of the van was the aimlessness that was pervasive in the city and on out to the outskirts of town. People were walking all the time, shops were open with product and produce to sell, but no was selling, no one was buying. No one seemed to get anywhere.

We were headed to some meeting arranged by Amanda and her group, Better Care Network's Faith to Action Initiative.

Well, we had 2 flat tires along the way and were unable to make the meeting. Lots of drama over this, but the part of the event that sticks in my mind is our attempt to be generous. We had lots of p and j sandwiches left over from our “picnic” lunch and one in the group took the stack of containers over to a group of men on the side of the road and handed the entire stack to one man. When another man attempted to grab a container a fight ensued. It was not a pretty sight. I guess when you are hungry, really hungry, sharing is not an option.

We turned around on this road to nowhere and returned to the guest house. Day One memories are filled with a strong sense of the beginning of the paradigm shifting of my world view.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how this trip has changed your life. Maybe someday I will be able to travel the world!


Leah said...

I'm glad that you got way more details recorded than me...I mean you have names of organizations and names of people...what's that girls name again :). Definitely not my strong suit. ILY IMY SWAK

There is a Korea CC. It's called Little Bear or something like that...Noah already thinks Coco should come to take him to Little Bear