Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well, Andrew is home.

You may have noticed he helped me update my blog. Stay tuned for the next update (probably tomorrow--although he said I had to leave it for 6 days for all the poll numbers to come in).


I love flowers. My grandmother taught me about flowers. She grew roses back in the day. Blowing off the aphids on the individual plants.

The flower I remember though, is the moon flower vine.

The large white blossom unfolds in the evening. The dark green heart shaped leaves surround the fragrant flowers. When evening would come, Mamaw (a good Southern name for Grandma) would quietly bring me around the side of the garage to witness this evening ritual of the new life of the intoxicating, luminous flowers. It always seemed she whispered as we gently walked up on the flowers so as not to disturb the tranquility. The next morning when we were hanging the laundry on the line (google it--not everyone, always had dryers) the mass of vining would remain leaving the promise of tonight's fragrance of memories.

Did I say I love flowers? I do. Pincushion,

gladiolus, daisies, lily of the valley,

you name it. I don't' grow my own too much any more so I really appreciate a good bouquet. Some people say it's a frivolous expense, but cut flowers in any room make for a brighter, sweeter environment. Beauty is truth.
(Money is available to anyone who knows the source--without Google).

This last week a good, dear, sweet friend gave me some flowers as a thank you for some help I gave her.
Initially I said something like, "Would you do this for a sister?" Hmmm. Like a thank you needs an explanation. Or somehow close, loving relationships preclude the kindness of "thank you" expressed.

Anyway, the flowers adorned my desk and now my beside table. Because, just because.


Leah said...

The voter will not let us all cast votes -
Noah - Coolest ever
Brian - Hello Who?
Leah - Coolest ever although a bit shocking when I come to visit

I love the flowers too.

Andrew said...

I agree with noah!!! coolest ever....