Monday, January 11, 2010

Just another beginning ...

So it’s Monday morning January 11, 2010. In one week I will be in Taegu, South Korea to beginning a new adventure. Leah and Brian have increased their family to 4 in a very short time span and since one of them (Miss B) is still in ET they have asked me to join them in their adventure. Mark will stay in the States to take care of the house and finish his business with the organic farm in Oregon. We will share the same abode sometime later this year

This is a BIG change for me. The first 25 +/- years were spent in SoCal setting up my life, school (CSUN), marriage and the start of family. Then our move to Colorado in the late 70s began the phase of building on that foundation, educating our children, establishing careers, growing in our faith in Christ. Now after 30 years later another phase begins.

There is less to be sure about in the details of life and more about which to be comfortably secure. I will use this blog to capture my impressions, observations, and musings as well as a photograph or two.

Here’s to saying yes and deserving the adventure ahead.


Leah said...

Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

You are a miracle! Enjoy every second and please give Noah a High Five for me and tell the ladies that I can't wait to meet them. - Gabriella

Anonymous said...

So excited to hear of your adventures

Sarah Beth said...

i look everyday for a new update. lets get on that. :) hope you are having a fabulous time so far!