Monday, August 9, 2010

The Important Things

Throughout life you learn things. Some of those things are valuable and some are indispensable. This week I've been reflecting on WHO taught me the important things.

Mrs. Good (really that was her name)
This lady taught a neighborhood "Good News Club" in Chatsworth, CA. I was ten years old and that's when I heard the good news about Jesus and began eternal life.

Mamaw (my maternal grandmother)
This woman was probably the most influential woman in my life. She taught me to sew and while during her lifetime I never met her exacting standards (and I still cannot cut very well) I've sew a lot of pretty good stuff.

Jan H.
This lady helped me grow up in the Lord and just in general. She can drive me crazy at times but she among all of my friends always believes the best and hopes and prays for that best, too.

Ma Lady -- My mom
I called my mother Ma Lady because she told me never to call her Ma. So of course that was what I was going to call her and to keep from getting in trouble I added "lady." I have a very strong sense of self and self worth and while there are a gazillion unresolved issues in our relationship I guess when all is said and done that's a pretty good gift from a mother.

Wendy H./L.
This is a high school friend. We had some fun, wild times including driving to Ventura County line EVERY day one summer until my dad got the gas credit card bill. :-) Wendy was a pretty, smart and very, very fun friend. She taught me to pee outside.

Dr. Bill Bright, Dr. John MacArthur and Dr. Charles Swindoll
All three of these "preachers" taught me how to love God and love my neighbors. I will be eternally grateful.

Living a good life where mylight shines and God is glorified is my goal. These folks and many more have influenced me to the good. Living for what really matters never really gets complicated on its own. Love God. Love others.


Gabriella said...

You taught me the value of learning how to properly iron, matching bra and panties make a girl feel better and the gift a new gameboy will motivate the kids to find the missing diamond engagement ring. These three things, among countless other lesson in being a good wife, mom and Christian, I thank you for.