Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Week In Review

So this week I got a new lamp for my desk. I’m preparing for Kim’s departure (she will eventually get married and not be my officemate). Making my surroundings new and still pretty will be the antidote to my sadness at losing a good working partner.
David sent her flowers for Valentine's Day so I guess she's still in love.

Monday was Liz's birthday. So Kacey and I went to the movies with her and then out to dinner. We saw 27 Dresses -- very cute. We ate at Chili's -- nachos with a margerita and then since we were still hungry (huh?) we had cheese fries. Good times.

My CONOMO group continues to meet regularly. Last week we had a GREAT dinner at Pat’s house. She, by the way gave me a hilarious card referring to the harm aging has on the eyes of the innocent young ones. VERY funny. That’s Pat posing with Liz and Janet.

A Friday at PJs included Coco since he worked on Valentine's day. Cody loves us and we LOVE him.

Twelve days until my North Carolina adventure. My free time is consumed with planning my packing. As Mark said on Friday, “Are you packed yet? It’s 2 weeks until you leave.” While packing waits until the day before all the planning will be done this week.

Atlanta figures into the trip as well. So this week I’m researching the history of the region (with special attention to the Civil War era, also referred to as The War Between the States). There will aquarium visits to be sure (Noah is THE reason I’m going to be there) but I’m also interested in higher level concerns as dining locations and shopping (different sku’s you know).

We started our Dinner Club with 5 couples from Flatirons. James and Kelly, Tom and Tina, James and Yvette, Dan and Cheri, John and Pat. We are planning on meeting once a month, a new house each month. Dan and Cheri hosting this month and James and Kelly are set for March. We had sausage tortelli and potato soup for dinner with chocolate fondue for dessert. Backies dipped in chocolate. Yum. Blackies are brownies made with very dark chocolate. I'm not allowed to have these ever again as I CANNOT control myself. :-)
Life is good always challenging.


Leah said...

The lamp is great...where did you get it? you know if you display product on your blog you should be more considerate to your readership and link to where to buy. See you so soon...ily

Andy said...

i liked the lamp as well, however i am less concerned where you bought it.
most of the southerners do not call it the civil war, or the war between the states, most actually call it the "War of Northern Agression"
part of me wonders whether you really are ready for the south or not. at any rate, i will call you with any changes to my schedule.

Pete said...

The lamp is hot...Thanks for a great day on Friday. It was good to have Coco! Pete