Monday, February 25, 2008

Restaurant Week 5280

We began our celebration of Restaurant Week 2008 at the Home and Garden Show.

Tickets are cheap and worth it.

All sorts of new design ideas and products displayed to make your life easier or more productive. We saw vessel sinks, glass, stone, marble as well as 400 ct. Egyptian cotton sheets for $20 a set. (Almost as good as Patricia’s yard sale find.) I bought the massage/vibrater pillow. Just wait for Charlotte. It’s as good as Bucky but it moves.

The one product that stood out – black carbon radiant heat blankets. It’s an alternative to the copper coil product. Still electric but, safety first, only heats to 83 degrees. This might be useful for the bathroom remodel. More research is needed as sales people are not known to share a fair and balanced report on the products available in the marketplace.

After our two hour ride we walked to the 16th Street Mall, hopped a shuttle to Larimer Street to share a dinner at Osteria Marco.

Gil and Mark had the slow-roasted suckling pig (way to close in the food chain for my tastes). It was served with garlic spinach and roasted potatoes. Great presentation. Mark said the spinach was cooked perfectly, creamy, flavorful, not biting. The pig was tender, moist VERY good. They both ate their whole dinner.

I had a glass of chianti with an arugula salad and a wild mushroom pizza. The wine was good not great, the salad was delicious but I’m used to a more peppery arugula flavor with the micro greens. The pizza was outstanding. The mushroom were flavorful, meaty and plentiful. The cheese was melted on a thin crispy crust. Yum.
Dessert was delicious, too. Chocolate and vanilla gelato with nuts and whipped crème. I stuck to my 3 bites, but wow, it was goooood.
We discussed the Oscar winning No Country For Old Men. Reviewers are saying it is a literate meditation on America's bloodlust for the easy fix. Good and evil are tackled with a rigorous fix on the complexity involved. Gil thought it was a bloody, vengeful tale that lack a depth of plot and character. Well, his instructor at Denver University is using the film for discussion on Wednesday as they learn to develop their skills as film critics. We’ll hear his review of the review later on in the week. The Academy, however, has spoken. The Coen Brothers do it again. Here’s to life in the corner of the sandbox.


Pete said...

Your food descriptions make me hungry! You should be a food critic. The home and garden show looked like fun too...You should let me know when you are doing fun things in Denver, I could meet you for a little bit. It would be good to see Gil too. Pete

Leah said...

So skinny and cute shirt ... see you soon