Friday, May 28, 2010


Okay. In general I'm not a fan of tattoos. Reason: They are PERMANENT.

Some things are cute/good/regrettable/fun for the moment and then ... the rest of your life.

So ... Mark and I have a day off from helping the Young family here in Oauha. So we enjoy a coffee almost at sunrise, along walk along the shore of Kailua with engaged conversation (okay, I admit this one requires the suspension of reality for those married more that 10 years, but really--it happened). We walk around the town, book store (purchase Heroes for the grandchildren), more coffee, chatting the locals and then, then I decided to shake it up a bit. I say to Mr. Conservative (the love of my life since 1963) " Let's get matching tattoos to celebrate 35 years of wedded bliss." I'm sooooooooo expecting a big, fat, NO. Instead, I get "Let's do it. How about ....." Well, I now am caught off guard (hello, 35 years of this guy STILL continues to hold out on me).

In the end we decide (after a beer and 2 glasses of pinot grigio for me) to get a small heart on our ring fingers.

Apparently there is an etiqitte to tattoos. The tattoo is supposed to face out to the world (think FTW --sorry) but I wanted this to be personal so the heart faces my eyes. "I love you."

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Then a friend commented on FB that older fingers, arthritic ones that can't continue to wear the wedding ring this might be a good idea. Now if I had not posted a picture I would think this was good idea, BUT my fingers are not that old or arthritic so I'm too sure how to take this comment. My thought was when I need to be the church lady I will just put my wedding ring on and bam! conservative again.

All that really matters is that my biker babe (with a small heart tattoo on his left ring finger) is MY babe for then, for now, forever. Because really, what woman will want him now that I have his ring finger tattooed?

(sorry for this miss-spellings--I cannot get spell check to work and I don't remember how to spell correctly.)