Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So ...

Everybody's blogging again. Now that I use an RSS service I get the updates regularly and I like it. (Thanks Kim!)

Photos make it more interesting. But there will be none on this post.

I'm working on my list "The Final Third" -- things I want to accomplish in this final third of my life (a modification of Kim's 101 in 2010. Thanks again). I will be publishing this in the next few days mostly as a means to hold myself accountable--I desire to finish well. So, no flogging me or reminding, or "helping" me in ANY way. Thank you.

Also I like the idea of writing my reflections -- for me a better way of describing journaling. Anymore that's all anybody wants from me --reflections. I think that means I'm not in it any more, but I once was. As hard as it is to admit I think that's true. Also I'm ready to pass the baton.

To those 30-somethings in my life: It's your turn to make it better.


David + Kim said...

You're welcome and you're welcome (isn't RSS great?!?). I can't wait to read your list...and I think it's a GREAT idea and modification. A little internet accountability does go a long way!!

I miss you!! Are you back in CO? When will you be back?? I'll be there at the end of August : )