Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 Days

Work at the Mental Health Center begins in 10 days. I am very much looking forward to this work.

My new boss, Kitty deKieffer is a strong, gentle woman with a varied life experience—both work and personal.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know her even the more.

The mission of the Mental Health Center, “In partnership with others, we improve quality of life and reduce the burden of illness by providing comprehensive, community-based mental health services for those with the greatest need” is a purpose I can wrap my heart around.

There is so much to like about this statement. “In partnership with others,” ALL recovery, healing happens in community. It truly does take a village and not just for raising children.

“Improve quality of life and reduce the burden of illness” ... my own life and the lives of so many around me are affected by both mental and physical illness. This statement beautifully encompasses the hope and the weight of the work that seeks improvement, hope.

“Providing comprehensive, community-based … services” there is no one answer, no one way to meet the myriad of need that our community faces. My faith is NOT the answer to the practical problems that illness reveals. BECAUSE of my faith I want to be part of the force that provides the hands, the effort, and the work that creates solutions to problems, both individual and community-based.

“for those with greatest need.” What a beautiful statement. Weak, hurting, smelly, odd, these are adjectives that we spend hours of effort to make sure do NOT describe us. To serve those among us that are unlovely is an effort that requires me to tap into reservoirs that do not originate in myself.

This is going to be a fun job.


Andrew said...

i dont know, i am kinda used to smelly and for me

Patricia said...

Hope you can make a difference for some people! Sounds like it will be interesting at least. Good luck