Friday, August 28, 2009


So one week down on the new adventure of working at The Mental Health Center. No comments, please on hiring from the "customer" pool. Actually that is increasing the view, hire from within.

When you think about mental health or recovery it makes sense if you believe in what you are doing to "main stream" your clients.

It so reminds me of my friend Melinda. She and her husband Tim pioneered many programs and processes to help not only their daughter, Miller, but all people with "special" needs. EVERYONE has a place. Sometimes you need to make some accommodation but all are welcome, needed.

Under the category of: One of the funny things about work. Since I began my adult "working" career as a wife/mother of the stay-at-home variety where I did not work outside the home, it continues to be difficult for me to easily adapt to the "we are friendly, not friends" mentality of the work environment. In the past, my work was entirely relationship focused. I did not have to work with people I did not like--I was a volunteer. I picked the team I worked with--I was a volunteer. I was in charge--this was MY ministry. Hmmm. It was a good life but did not prepare me for the real world. Now, I work for others, do their bidding with others I'm not personally connected to.

I used to think I did not like working with women. Not true. Women as a groupof people are lovely. I no longer have a need to compete or compare. I have a man that loves me, cherishes me. My children despite all their attempts otherwise, respect me. Friends, true friends surrounds me. The kind you can call at 2 a.m. and their response would be, "I'm there for you; how can I help." What else in life really matters.

Under the category of musing: Women are allowed to be more expressive emotionally which I did not like in my youth. This was probably due to the women's movement -- we thought we had to be more like men to be seriously considered in the marketplace. With the hindsight as the guide we might better have considered changing the standard to include the feminine perspective which would include a more compassionate, personal, tenderness. How different the world might be if we (women) wanted to be more womanly. Hmmm.


Leah said...

This has been a hard thing for me over the past few months. I go to all the SAHM things and I still act like I'm at work. Being friendly but not a friend. I've had to carefully stop my training to be more open and willing to let a few into the circle of trust ;)

Yes I respect you but I really respect your b___ if you know what I mean.

Dave Feaver said...

Hi Deb,
It has been a while since I have seen that poster (in the background of your photo ) It is Bob Dylan if I remember right. Rene is on call today, Sat and Sun so much for 3 day weekends away.